Many partners trust us and support us!

High School students of EJM support Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ

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A group of High School students from Ecole Jeannine Manuel (EJM) in Paris, form a team every year to support our actions and help us organize fundraising events to finance the projects of our school in Niger.

They have helped us promote various events such as a theatre play, a concert, a film and have held several “bake sales” as well as being present at several private evenings of “fundraising”. The amount of donations collected have made it possible to sponsor scholarships for girl students living in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Niamey with parents who cannot afford to pay for their education.  

Global Giving

GlobalGiving is a non-profit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world.

See our project Help 80 Secondary Pupils in Niger Read and Write

See our project Empower girls in Niger for change via education

The American Cathedral in Paris



The Ford Foundation


Ford made a donation to our association that allowed us to acquire computers, set up a computer classroom and start a solar energy project.


La Fondation des Nouveaux Constructeurs

Since 2012, the New Builders Foundation Premium has agreed to help us set up our IT project, providing technical resources, and teachers.

See La Fondation des Nouveaux Constructeurs

Oya Kephale

Created in 1995, the Oya Kephale troupe brings together an orchestra and a choir of experienced amateurs under the direction of a professional conductor. Its purpose is the organization of concerts and lyric performances played for the benefit of solidarity associations: humanitarian, educational, and cultural.

The Company Mamache


The company Mamache, amateur dance troupe, performs for the benefit of charities

The Pamplemousse Company

Since 1992, the Comédie du Pamplemousse, an amateur theater troupe, has been performing for charitable organizations.