Happy new year 2025


On 28/01/2024

Our non-profit, les Amis de Hampaté Ba, is happy to present to you the wonderful accomplishments made in 2023 that we hope will be even better in 2024 !

Equal Opportunities for All

Once again, our efforts to educate young girls from impoverished backgrounds and empower them for their future by giving them equal opportunities, have clearly given amazing results. 

Scholarships continue

In spite of troubling times and political turmoil in Niger, we have continued giving scholarships to underprivileged young girls, enabling them to pursue a quality education at Hampaté Bâ Secondary School.

Dream Big !

The focus of our Organisation is that while receiving regular education, young girls are encouraged over the years to dream big and reimagine their possibilities through our various programs and projects.

After school activities such as tutoring provide an additional support for struggling students. Computer classes allow students to acquire skills that will give them the chance to be up to date and competitive in higher studies, vocational training,  and employment.

Blossom and Thrive

Our objective is to build an environment where young underprivileged girls can blossom and thrive academically and socially irrespective of their backgrounds.

Results that speak for themselves 

After receiving diplomas from Hampaté Bâ Middle School and High School, our scholarship recipients have performed very well in entrance examinations and have been admitted into some of the best universities and vocational training institutes in Niamey, majoring in Law, Health, Business, Finance, Administration, Marketing & Technology.

We are proud to continue giving scholarships and supporting our Alumni in their Higher Education Studies leading to Bachelor’s degree diplomas and Master’s Degree diplomas, and therefore better opportunities for them in obtaining future jobs.  

Here are some success stories of our Alumni in 2023. 

Diplomas received in 2023 leading to new activities in 2024 :

  • Halima: BTS & Bachelor’s Degree Marketing. Now doing internship
  • Hadiza: Bachelor’s Degree Business. Now admitted in Masters1 Financial law+ paid internship Private Law Firm !!     
  • Roumana: Masters2 Degree Humanitarian Law. Now doing internship report for jury
  • Adama: Bachelor’s Degree HR. Now hired by internship company!!
  • Zalika: Bachelor’s Degree Marketing.Now internship + presentation 
  • Nafissa: Bachelor’s Degree HR. Now internship+presentation to Jury 
  • Hafsa: Bachelors Degree Marketing. Now admitted to Masters 1
  • Atika: Master’s1 Diploma Private Law.Now moving on to Masters 2
  • Mariama : BTS diploma IT. Now in IT Bachelors Diploma studies  
  • Nana: Scientific Baccalaureate Diploma. Now in Health institute Superior Studies to become Nurse
  • Fadimata: National Health Assistant Diploma. Now in Health institute Superior Studies to become Nurse
  • Jannat&Nana:BEPC Diploma : now Scientific Bac Track HighSchool
  • Haoua, Faiza,Djibo,Ramatou: BAC PRO Diploma: now admitted to 1st year superior studies for Bachelors Degree Accounting
  • Charifatou,Samira & Saratou: BEPC Diploma: now admitted to Business institute to become accountant
  • Nassyatou: BEPC Diploma : now passed entrance exam and admitted to Health institute to become nurse.

Congratulations to all these dedicated, courageous girls !

Thank you for contributing to this noble, worthy cause. The scholarship girls still need your continued support and are grateful for all your valuable help!