Our actions

Help underprivileged youth to become agents of change

Our objective is to provide the necessary means for our partner school in Niger to continue the impressive transformation process it has embarked upon.

Your support will allow Hampaté Bâ to transform underprivileged youth, especially girls, into a positive and responsible force both in the school and within their community.


Quality Education: a Motor for Change

In order to offer an education of quality and  to help girls stay in school, a three point development plan has been implemented to ensure Hampaté Bâ’s aims and future.

  • The primary and most urgent requirement in Niger is the PROMOTION OF QUALITY EDUCATION
  • EDUCATION OF GIRLS is particularly important, as it is through educated mothers that the benefits of knowledge can be most effectively diffused within families and communities
  • WELL-TRAINED AND MOTIVATED TEACHERS are key to improving the quality of education

The development plan is ambitious and requires considerable funds but it is hoped that Hampaté Bâ will become a model school in Niger and will turn out a new generation of educated and upright leaders.

Trained teachers

Hire and find sponsors teachers, and provide them with ongoing professional development and the training materials they require.


Remediation classes


Reinforcement of basic reading / writing and numeracy skills for students returning to 6th grade (half-size classes and individual support).

Special courses for the girls


Family economics courses for girls (management, hygiene, nutrition)


Up to date technology


Providing innovative tools and teaching materials (PCs, audiovisual materials)

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Specialized courses

Establishment of art classes and tutoring classes


Set-up of a library

Setting up a library with books, textbooks and videos lent to students each year.


Installation of a well

Setting up a well that provides coolness, drinking water, hygiene, a vegetable garden and green spaces.

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Sport activities


Installation of a sports field




Fund scholarships for 60 deserving and academically able girls from very underprivileged backgrounds, in middle school, high school, universities and professional training schools, so they can continue their studies and avoid early marriages.

Food for thought

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Thanks to the generosity of the American Cathedral in Paris, the association provides a midday meal to our scholarship students. In this way, they are able to have food nourishment to help them study, just like the other students from less poor backgrounds who can afford lunch meals.

Niger visit

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A visit to Niger by the two founding members strengthened the relationship with the school administration and the teachers. It was also an opportunity to meet with the scholarship girls and their families.