Songs and dances to fight barriers to education

On 31/01/2015

DanceAt Hampaté Bâ School we're proud that 50% of the students are girls - traditionally a vastly under represented group in education in Niger. Today, girls are recognised by the UN as important agents for change, possessing the potential to solve the most persistent development problems facing the African continent. By investing in girls' economic potential through education - which can also delay child marriage and teen pregnancy - the cycle of poverty can be broken. Unfortunately however, girls are often the first to be withdrawn from school by families who require domestic support, or who cannot afford to send all their children to school.

While our Association recognises these challenges, we're determined to keep as many girls at Hampaté Bâ School as possible and are actively tackling the issue to ensure they can continue their studies. One particular initiative is the introduction of the special 'Home Economics classes'. The aim is to fight barriers to education for girls and increase their chances of completing the education cycle.

The Home Economics Program provides girls with a positive co-curricular opportunity enabling them to learn about female issues and even to share with their peers. Girls attending this class recently organised a school event to raise awareness of the importance of girls’ education through songs and dances. They also planned and implemented an outreach project in a nearby primary school where they spoke to all female students about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. We're extremely proud of all the girls and their teacher, Mrs Moussa, involved in this program and who are making this project a massive success.

I’m proud of my girls and persuaded that the message that we are trying to get across to them, that they are not second class citizens, but full members of our society, will have a positive impact on their lives now and in the future”, says a very jovial Mrs Moussa.

Our association is funding the Home Economics Teacher as well as paying scholarships for the girls to stay in school. We need to keep this project going! Believe in us, believe in the project, and believe in the teacher, the girls and their potential. We deeply appreciate you continuing to support this innovative project. Any amount is welcome. Thank you so much.